MSP King is the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Yasar Chaudhary.

He started his IT career in 2001 after losing his job during the .com bubble and market crash. While looking for a job and studying for an A+ certification, he came up with the idea of providing onsite IT support services to anyone that needed them.

It all started with a bulky Nokia 5600 series phone, a beat-up car and a passion for solving IT problems. The rest as they say, was history.

While there were many IT stores back then, there were very few providers who offered onsite IT Services. Realizing the need for at-home and at-business IT Services, he started an IT Company called Computer Experts.

Computer Experts Gains Super Success For Years to Come

With its promise to deliver same-day, Onsite Service– 7 days a week. The company grew tremendously during the next 7 years. In 2008 – the real estate crash and the subsequent market crash wiped out many businesses, large and small. Computer Experts was motivated to switch gears and never let the market affect its growth again.

Maintaining Commitment & Responsiveness & Consistency

The company switched from a Break-Fix IT Provider to a World-Class MSP. The company has gone through many changes over the past 2 decades, but its success and commitment has always stayed consistent.

Our growth and success is heavily tribute to constant change, and investment in the growth of the company, without ever sacrificing service. Computer Experts maintains a 98% client retention rate. Our clients never leave.

20 Years and a Leisure Retirement

After spending 20 years with this venture and a few others in between, Yasar is now semi-retired. He currently focuses on a variety of personal and business ventures; however coaching and training the next generation of IT professionals is his true passion. His goal is to help MSP’s and IT companies learn, grow, and achieve success from his years of perfected trials and acquired experience.

Crown (2)

MSP King was founded to serve this passion and to pay back the industry that made him one of the most successful IT Professionals in the country.